Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bigger And Badder Things

Of late, Mecha Manga Bible Heroes has taken up alot of my time; That is not a knock on it- it's just the simple and honest truth. The script for issue 2 is done and has passed through editorial, the cover subject matter and composition needed my input (although I can't really make any claims to how it turned out- Jeff Slemons has done it again...) and I have been involved with a bunch of promotional things revolving around the book. There will be some big things coming for the series, and I really think Issue 2 will be head and shoulders better than the first go round...
This weekend, I took time out from a busy schedule of giant robots and futuristic battles of Biblical proportions, and got back into some of the other projects I am involved with. I put alot of energy this weekend into Robot 13, trying to get the Issue 2 & 3 scripts into better shape. They have been written for quite some time, but I put in the extra research time on some of the smaller details, so that the overall impact will be better in the end. For better or worse, I will be handing off the "final" versions of them to Daniel within the week, so the rest will be up to him. We hope to be making our announcements soon about the book, so please stay tuned for that...
On the KING! front, things have been happening which have been pretty much unexpected. I can't go into details at this point, but we will have announcements forthcoming on that as well. One thing I can say, however, is the next story is in a pretty complete stage, pending changes based on... well, I'll let you know when I can REALLY let you know.
Know what I mean?
I thought as much.


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