Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Fall Of (robot) Man

Daniel and I got together because I saw an on line comic he did & was blown away by it. As I have mentioned before, I wrote him a letter to basically to let him know that I saw things in what he was doing with his art that I really felt I knew what to do with as a writer. We talked ideas and influences and found that we both wanted to go in directions that we didn't see other people going in. The result was Enlightenment, the story of a young homicide detective who can see the spiritual world all around her, and her quest to find a demon possessed serial killer before he or she kills again...

We originally planned the book to be a thick graphic novel in Black & White, illustrated in a style very different from Daniel's current one. When we pitched it to an interested comic book publisher, however, we were told it "needed" to be in color, and put out as a 4 issue mini series.

Daniel and I started re-working the book, changing not only the art but some of the storyline to make it flow better in that format. During that time, Daniel was asked to do the front cover of Automata, the music magazine of Flaming Fish records. He produced the image you see above, and they ran an article about his art & an ad for Enlightenment...

This image started the wheels turning in Daniel's head, giving him the idea to draw robots. Other things took precedence, but the idea came back several years later...


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