Sunday, November 16, 2008

"The First Rule About Fight Club..."

Right around the point where Daniel was looking to streamline the look of his robot, he started telling me about his ideas for the character. We had just finished producing the first KING! one shot, and we were looking to kick the next installment up a notch. Daniel sent me this piece that he created when a publisher was looking for newer shots of KING!, and suggested that King fight his "Retrobot" character.

I took one look at him and firmly said, "No."

King, for all his crazy antics and wild fashion choices, does one thing very well.

He kills monsters.

The problem with that, is he ALWAYS kills monsters. That's part of the fun~ you might wonder how he's going to do it, but he's always got to walk away from the battle as the victor...

"Why kill off such a cool character," I asked, "when we could make him the center of his own book?"

While I didn't know exactly what that book would be about yet, I really wanted to save him until we figured that out...


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