Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It Came From Beneath The Sea

For the past few years, Daniel and I have been setting up shop at comic conventions. It's quite an undertaking~ having to pay for a table means that we not only want to have enough merchandise to cover our costs, but we need to have things which make people want to stop and take a look. Shortly after we parted ways with the CGI guys, Daniel made this image of Robot 13, which we sold as a print. As you can see, Daniel abandoned much of the added mechanical aspects that we added to our robot to make him more "movie friendly." You will also notice the giant octopus that Robot 13 has just killed; this image helped solidify the new direction for us, and got me thinking about taking our story in the direction it would ultimately go.

When I saw the picture, I asked Daniel, "What's that in the picture with the robot?"
"A Kraken," he replied.
"Why a Kraken," I asked in return.
"I like drawing Squids," Daniel said. "All those tentacles are fun to do."

"How about if he fights a Kraken in issue one," I said.
And then I started looking into the whole sea monster thing...


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