Friday, November 21, 2008

"It's Alive...ALIVE!"

When Daniel and I collaborate on a story, it usually will start with something visual that Daniel has sketched out or has been thinking about. When I see a piece of his art for a new character design, I almost always start asking questions about it~ why some detail is there or what he thinks the character should be like. I get a lot from Daniel's initial impressions that end up in our stories, and quite often those discussions lead to things that neither one of us would have probably thought about on our own...

If you have seen any of the interior preview pages from Robot 13, you may notice a subtle omission to the design in the image above. In the actual comic, our robot has prominent electrodes above his shoulders.

WHY is this an important thing to note?

Well, when Daniel and I had one of our first discussions about the Robot, he told me, "I didn't do it in the picture I sent you, but he has electrodes..."

"Like Frankenstein, you mean," I asked him.

"Yea," He replied.

The rest of that conversation was all about Frankenstein, and how cool the original book was & the theme of the old movies, where the point was being made that there should be limits to science and that people shouldn't play God. Because of that discussion, there are elements in Robot 13 which very much relate to Frankenstein~ exactly what they are will remain a mystery for now, but if you look for them, they can't be missed....


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