Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mad Monster Party

As I pointed out last time, it was during the time when Daniel & I were working to develop a CGI project with his "Retrobot" character that we re-named him Robot 13. What I didn't explain was why this change took place.

Up until that point, Daniel & the whole group of us were using the name "Retrobot," as a working title; It was so popular with the CGI people, in fact, that they almost immediately got cold feet on the project once we changed the name. We did so because we found out that not only was "Retrobot" NOT an original character name, it was being used by a very good friend of ours. His name is Daniel Davis~ an amazing artist and the mad scientific genius behind Steamcrow, a site that you should visit early and often. If you go here, you can see t shirts of his "Retrobot" design...

Now, Steamcrow isn't the ONLY company using the name "Retrobot."

You can play a Retrobot video game, print your own Retrobot Paper Dolls, shop at the Retrobot online store... and none of these other "Retrobots" are related, either. While we COULD have used the name as well, in the storyline we had created for the CGI project we decided that our robot wasn't the first (or the last) incarnation of super robot, so our Hero would be Robot 13 and yes, there was going to be a Robot 14 and 15 and 21 and on we would go...

As for the design~ well, there have also been robots with skulls in them. The picture above is also a Steamcrow design. I have a signed one in my home & you can buy one here.

And for the record, Daniel Davis really LOVES Robot 13, just like we love his stuff. He will most likely do a very cool pinup for one issue of our mini series when it hits next year...


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