Friday, November 28, 2008

Message In A Bottle

As Daniel was fine tuning the visual look of Robot 13, I was busy sharpening my pencil and trying to make the book worth the eventual drachmas that you will spend to get yourself a copy. I had the basis for the issue 1 script done for a while~ an opening scene that would start the book off with a bang was already in place, but we needed a back story for our Robot and some clear and cohesive idea of where we were going with everything.

While in the past, I went very high tech with my research, this time around I decided to break out the ball point pen and write everything into a notebook. On a trip from New York to Phoenix (and at odd moments when I had time during my stay) I scribbled pages and pages of notes and script into a notebook I bought at Target for a buck. While I did end up revising and re-writing some aspects of the script for our mini-series, the bones and most of the meat of our story are in there...

I could let you peek inside, but you know what I'd have to do to you at that point, right?

I thought you did.


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