Sunday, November 23, 2008

Moving Pictures

When Daniel and I decided that we were going to develop Robot 13 as the star of his own comic, I started thinking about promoting it. While we had done a pretty good job of getting the word out about KING!, I knew we could do much more. One night, while I was trying to think of ways to accomplish this, it came to me that I knew someone who could do a butt kicking cover for us that would be sure to get some notice- Jeff Slemons.

While it was true that Daniel is pretty adament about doing his own covers, I reasoned to myself that Jeff's art was just so off the chain that I would risk the potential of getting Daniel a little miffed just to see what Jeff would do. Besides, I figured we could always make Jeff's piece into a poster or something if Daniel protested...

At that point, Daniel didn't have one definative look for Robot 13, so I sent Jeff everything I had. Since the one shot that Daniel did for the CGI folks had a ghostly "face" instead of a skull (because they thought the skull would "scare kids," like THAT was a bad thing...) I crudely pasted the skull from one of Daniel's other shots over the "face" of the robot.

That image would become the basis of our "Movie Version" of Robot 13.


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