Monday, November 17, 2008

Pimp My Robot

As Daniel & I were mulling around what exactly we wanted to do with "Retrobot," we were approached by some people who did CGI animation; They told us they liked our work & wanted us to create something new, which they wanted to spin off into a "big" CGI project.
Although they were very nice guys, they really didn't know exactly what they wanted or how it was all going to work itself out. I put together a whole futuristic storyline for the project~ the concept was that our robot was "throwback" type technology in a sleek, "World's Fair"/"World of Tomorrow" type Art Deco Utopian society, which was invaded by man-made giant monsters. It was very Cold War meets Toho stuff, and I really enjoyed working on it. I scripted 4 interlocking "episodes" for this new venture, and Daniel re-designed the robot in the ways you see above; The animators wanted something much more mechanical and detailed, and Daniel went at it...
We got to a point where it was obvious that it wasn't going to work out, so both sides walked away amicably. We took our creative property with us~ although we decided we didn't want our comic to go in the direction we were taking it as an animated project, it yielded some interesting ideas for me to build our new story and gave our character a new name.
He was now officially Robot 13.


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