Saturday, November 29, 2008

Robot 13: Vampire Hunter?

When Daniel and I began to develop KING! and began working on the first one shot, we talked about the basic ground rules of the series. We knew that one of the things that tends to kill a series over time is when a creator falls in love with their characters to the point where they forget what the point of those characters is supposed to be. The "MY character can do ANYTHING," mantra not only wrecks a good thing, but it just isn't a good idea.

For King, we decided we came up with something short and sweet; It was not only our simple framework for the character, but it winds up being our sales pitch at conventions...

"He Kills Monsters."

That's why, when you open a KING! comic, you know what to expect.


And monsters.

And King killing the monsters.

While, as a writer, my goal is always to provide a good story and to develop characters and make the plot interesting, I also know I have to adhere to the basic "rules" of the book. In the case of King~ he can meet pretty much any monster, as long as that monster can end up dead in the end...

Robot 13, on the other hand, has a totally different set of rules. Sure, he will also fight monsters, but not just ANY monsters...

And those monsters, not being randomly selected, live in a world that is governed by rules. And if those rules affect the monsters, they will affect out Hero as well.

What ARE those rules?

You'll have to wait a bit more before I spill the beans on that.

Needless to say, however, that while King may be fighting Vampires in the not too distant future, Robot 13 most definitely will not.


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