Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thirteen Ghosts

During the life cycle of the average human being, a person's appearance will often change over time, with some of the changes being more drastic than others. Babies, for example,
will often look more like one parent than the other at birth. As their bones harden and the child goes through their early growth stages, however, that resemblance, while never fully gone, can fade. If you were "blessed" by being a person who was regularly photographed as a child, you can see that, while you grew into a very different person over time, there are aspects (often unexpected) which stand out, making it unmistakable that all your pictures are really of you...
Comic book characters often go through a similar transformation; As they are developed from their embryonic state into a (hopefully) more polished and fully realized character, there are often changes which take place. Some are visual, some in the "back story" of the character, but in every change, there are usually "artifacts" left behind from earlier incarnations.
Earlier this year, Daniel put together a Robot 13 sketchbook for the New York Comic Con; Unlike most "true" sketchbooks, it detailed the evolution of the character & gave people a glimpse into the book, as well as showing B&W inked versions of the first 8 pages of the upcoming book...
There is more to the story than Daniel could put into the sketchbook, so over the next few days, I will attempt to give you what you missed if you bought the book back then.
Either way- sit back and enjoy the show...


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