Sunday, November 30, 2008

"A Titan Against A Titan..."

When I started working on the incarnation of Robot 13 that we ultimately decided on, I started reading alot of Greek Mythology. If you read any commentary at all on Greek myths, you will discover that the Greeks, like all major civilizations, wrote their stories to convey not only a sense of their religion, but to project to future generations the ideals and values of "true" Greek society. In other words~ if you look at what the underlying messages are in Greek myths, you will discover what types of behavior and character traits were valued by the ancient Greeks.

Some of those values are compatible with our modern society and some are not. For example: it is very clear if you read Greek mythology that there was a very Xenophobic side to their belief system. Time and time again, the myths show that people who leave their homeland do so at their own risk, because everything outside of Greece is either viciously deadly or designed to keep you from what really matters... your home. That is why there are so many giant monsters in Greek myths~ they symbolize the fear of things that are different.

Often, when something that is new to us presents itself, the challanges associated with it seem all the more great (or "Gigantic" as it were) because we are out of our element. Once we understand those things more fully, the key to overcoming those challenges becomes quite clear. This is why the Greeks always give their giant monsters one hard to discover yet obvious flaw...


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