Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pick It Up

I'd like to interrupt the current train of thought to bring you this important message:

If your local comic shop hasn't picked up Mecha Manga Bible Heroes, there is STILL time to do so!

from now until December 15th, comic shops can order copies of Issue 1 of Mecha Manga Bible Heroes from Haven Distributors or from Enemi Entertainment. Ask your local comic shop if they get the Haven catalogue~ if they do, then Haven has already sent them a free copy to look over & they can easily order copies for you and your family & friends. If not, they can easily call Haven toll free at 1-877-428-3650 or fax in an order at 866-561-6280.

Of course, if you would rather order online, you can still go to and buy one here at a discount!


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