Monday, February 09, 2009

In Cog Neeto

The New York Comicon has come & gone, and it's back to the worky-work of creating comics again. As you probably know, the next issue of MMBH is approaching completion. Joey and I have the rest of this story arc plotted out, and will get to writing the mega action packed issue 3 very shortly. Jeff Slemons has been working on a cover for it that should make you go blind from sheer awesomeness. Seriously. Don't test me out on that unless you have a good vision plan, ok?

While at the Con, I spent some time talking to Erica Well, good friend and co-creator of Billy!, one of the proudest moments of my comics career to date. Among other things, we decided to create more Billy! strips with the intention of making a nice little comic for everyone to love and enjoy with a nice bag of chips...

I have a few other things to talk to you about, but we'll save them for another day.

Till then, admire my Labbit. Ain't he cute?


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