Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Zen And The Art Of Robot Maintenance

There is a point in the midst of working on any creative project where a critical piece has to fall into place for everything to proceed. It's not the moment of inspiration, or the necessary spark of a genius leap forward... it's the point where you as a creative person finally discover what it is that you are really creating. While it's true that, in most cases, a person thinks they know what they are creating from the start, that really isn't true. in reality, there are so many aspects of the unconscious mind which feed your creativity that often we don't know what the true meaning of our creative outbursts are until they are beginning to take form...

Now that I have seen the first issue of Robot 13 in a completed form, I think I really understand what it is that Daniel and I are truly doing with the book.

Now, if you expect me to dish that right here, you are loony.

But now that I know what it Robot 13 REALLY is, I can assure you we are going to take the book places nobody is expecting, and the end of that ride is really going to be worth the E-Ticket...

Trust me on that one.


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