Thursday, March 26, 2009

Best In Show

When Daniel and I first decided to work together, we did so with the plan to put our efforts into creating comics that we could pitch to existing publishers. We knew people who were signed on to do books with written pitches and very little actual comic work in a finished state, but we wanted to go futher. Our concept was to get enough of a book done so that you could really see where we were going with it. In most cases, we were putting together full first issues, and I think we were getting an unexpected level of interest because of the amount of material we had to show people.

When we decided to dive in headfirst into self publishing, it wasn't because we had no other way to get our material out there~ getting an offer to publish our stuff has never been the problem. What HAS been the issue, has been finding the right deal. Sometimes the deals we were offered were losing propositions from the get go, and in other cases it was a situation of their being interest but a lack of funding to bring on new books...

In any case, Daniel & I are going to be putting our books out ourselves~ at least for the time being. Our first book, Robot 13, will be coming out in June just in time for MoCCA. We will be at the show, with copies of the book and a bunch of other cool stuff. As the show gets closer, we'll be making more announcements about blacklist studios and the future of our monster killing friend, KING!...

Stay Tuned. You'll be glad you did.


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