Monday, May 25, 2009

Around The Horn Pt. 2

Robert Hood says: "Edgy and dynamic, Bradford’s art compliments and drives the narrative, which is scripted with no-nonsense clarity by Thomas Hall."

Ain't It Cool says: "This looks to be an uber-fun series and the design of the hero and monsters are too cool to miss. Check out the Blacklist website for more info on how to get this damn fine book."

Comic Book Junkie says: "...these pages of the skull-headed robot protagonist fighting a giant octopus are simply delicious"

Platypus Robot says: "It's everything I love about comics: Robots, Monsters, and Big Fights!"

MondoComic dice: "Viendo el adelanto no podemos evitar sentir un aroma a Mignola que cubre todas estas páginas, pero el hecho de ver un esqueleto dentro de un traje de buzo ( ¿o será una carcaza de robot? ) luchando contra un pseudo-calamar gigante, ya dan ganas de leer esto..."

And The Beat, SF Signal and Battle Grip all thought we were newsworthy...


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