Sunday, May 17, 2009

Australian Rules Comic Books

There are people who write and there are Writers. Anyone can pick up a pen or sit and pound out sentences on a computer, but a true Writer is both skilled craftsman and a real Artist. They use words with skill~ taking inspired intuitive ideas and working them into the perfect flow of a story, so that the sum is greater than it's parts. It's something that all of us who write aspire to (or at least, it's what we should aspire to, that is).

One true Writer is Australian Robert Hood; he has not only written novels- he has produced short stories, children's books, plays, works of criticism and non-fiction at the highest levels. He's won a boatload of awards and he has one of the coolest Horror blogs out there called Undead Backbrain.

Today, I am humbled to say that Robert has not only read Robot 13, but he really likes it.

Check out his blog entry here and see for yourself what he had to say...

All I can say is wow.

And thank you.


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