Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Basque In The Glory

I have been quiet lately; except for the occasional Twitter, I have been keeping my head down and working like a madman. Since Robot 13 has been pretty much blowing up all over, I have been doing all the business stuff related to that as well as researching everything that will go into issue 3 of Colossus!...

Why has that been burning my brain? On the surface, you might think that since the mini series is in full swing, and the second issue is locked & the 3rd issue script is written, that there shouldn't be much left to do.

I thought so too.

The problem is- I set the book in Spain in 1939. Me, being the research nut that I am, decided to make sure that some aspect of what was going on at that time was reflected in the book. In issue 1, there really wasn't any time to reflect on much of anything. Issue 2 gave us a little more breathing room, but even there, the historical backdrop is more by way of implication than anything else. Issue 3, however, presented me with an opportunity to use what I have learned about the history and conflict of the Spanish Civil War to inform the story a little bit. That's where things got hard.

Now- anyone who knows me, knows that I am in no way a political man in the classical sense. I don't care about Parties or who is President or what laws may or may not be passed. Basically, I leave people to their convictions and continue on my way. What I do think, however, is that many people are Political because it matters to them that the Law recognise them as being on the right side of things. Myself- I don't care. I live my life by my beliefs, not by the Law of the land. If I wake up tomorrow and something I hold as a belief leads to acts that are "illegal," then I am going to do what I would do anyway and be "wrong." Not because I am making a Political statement, mind you, but because I don't know any other way to live.

During the Spanish troubles of the late 1930's, there was a group of people who got involved in that conflict with the same attitude. While I am not Ethnically one of them, I kind of feel that it's the right side to take in standing up and representing on their behalf. Hopefully, the risk will be worth the payoff...


Blogger eric mengel said...

Very interesting thoughts and depth. I'm really looking forward to what you and Daniel have to offer with this book.

Eric Mengel

11:09 PM  

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