Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Robot 13: Colossus! Issue 2


Robot-13 returns to battle a Phoenix
and continue his journey of self-discovery!

BUTLER, NJ (September, 2009) – One of the most talked-about indy comics of the year is back! On October 16th, the eagerly awaited second issue of R13 (aka ROBOT 13) will ship to comic book retailers and fans who preorder copies.

When the first issue was initially announced, the response was overwhelming. The story of a skull-headed robot with an irresistible instinct to battle mythological creatures captured the imaginations of comic book fans the world over. The ensuing coverage was widespread, well beyond the expectations of its co-creators, writer Thomas Hall and artist Daniel Bradford.

“It’s really taken on a life of its own,” said Hall. “We have been interviewed by reporters from websites in Germany and Australia, seen our book raved about by Spanish and Portuguese comic reviewers and magazines in Canada and the UK have done pieces on Robot 13.”

The comic has also become a favorite among some famous folks in the realm of fantasy.

“We have gotten feedback from world renowned authors, top Hollywood executives and established comic book artists alike and all of it has been pretty positive,” added Hall.

Publishing under the name “Blacklist Studios,” Hall and Bradford distributed the comic book directly via a live appearance at New York’s MoCCA Fest as well as personally supplying retailers and fulfilling orders from individual readers. With interviews, reviews and publicity on such high-profile websites as Rue Morgue, SFX Magazine, MTV Splash Page and Ain't It Cool News, Blacklist managed to achieve 90% sell-through on issue #1. Now, R13 returns with a second thrilling issue, packed with even more action and intrigue!

In “Colossus Part 2,” Robot 13’s quest to discover who he is goes on as he continues his journey with the fishermen who found him. Seeing only fragments of his past, the robot warrior desperately tries to remember where he came from and why he feels compelled to battle mythological creatures of destruction. With R13 aboard, you can be sure there’s rough sailing ahead… and this time, it’s in the form of a Phoenix! This ravaging battle provides just a taste of what’s ahead for our intrepid hero, as a diabolical figure watches from the shadows… and isn’t happy that monsters keep dying!

Writer Thomas Hall and artist Daniel Bradford continue the saga of their creation, and as an added bonus for their fans, this issue includes pulse-pounding pin-ups from fan-favorite artists Tom “Cemetery Blues” Boatwright, A.P. “Heavy Metal” Furtado, Daniel “Monster Commute” Davis and Todd “Robot Frank’s Life” Webb. Also included are not one but two covers – the front cover by Daniel Bradford and a bonus fully-painted back cover by Jeff “Mecha Manga Bible Heroes” Slemons!

Newsarama’s Jeff Marsick has called R13 the “best comic of 2009” – order your copy today and find out why! R13 #2 is a 32-page, full-color comic book retailing for $3.99 US. It ships October 16, 2009.

More information about ROBOT-13 and other Blacklist Studios titles can be found on the internet at www.blackliststudios.com. Readers can also visit the ROBOT-13 MySpace page at www.myspace/robotthirteen.


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