Monday, October 12, 2009

On The Cover

One thing people have asked me about issue 2 is, "Why is Robot 13 fighting a Dinosaur on the cover of issue 2?"
Well- he is and he isn't...
The image, in fact, is our idea of a Phoenix, but it was also based in part on artist concepts of the archaeopteryx. One thing that Daniel & I have always looked to do with our comics is bring in some basis in reality or History in everything we do. When I write scripts, I am always searching for visual reference material~ not to say, "do it exactly like this," but to give Daniel something real and concrete to springboard off of.
In doing research for issue 2, I noticed how much the archaeopteryx depicted in textbooks looked like the Phoenix art from around the world. When I showed those shots to Daniel, he saw what I did~ there was something amazing in the mix of lizard and wild, feathery bird. All it would take was Daniel's art style and some imaginative coloring to turn those turkey sized freaks of Evolution into a Phoenix the size of a 6 seat jet airplane...


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