Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scene Knot Herd

Most of the time, I collect the key bits of reviews & commentary about Robot 13 and post them here for you to gawk at. Lately, however, I have found a few mentions that just tickled me...

At Great Caesar's Post: " If Hellboy and Atomic Robo made sweet, strange love and had an awesome bastard child that was equal parts science, magic and mayhem, it might look a little something like Robot 13."

At Pigs of the Industry: "Looks like a Scooby-Doo villain, kills monsters like nobody's business!"

At Indie Squid Kid: "I won’t reveal how this epic battle ends, but I will remind you that this comics isn’t called “One-Eyed Squid Monster 13.”"

En MondoComic: "Aquí ese extraño robot/esqueleto/buzo revela algo de su pasado, y si en un comic en donde aparece un personaje como éste también aparecen Medusa y el Ave Fénix..."

And then there is THIS!


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