Thursday, December 10, 2009

"...Deep Will I DIg..."

Some less than familar quotations you might have missed:

From Artpatient: "As I write this, it’s a rainy, introspective day and that’s obviously coloring my impressions. It’s also a little difficult to speak about some specific things without spoiling things for you."

From Comic Book Resources: "Mythology is great because those stories were not really conceived as fiction. There were things that people believed in which drove those stories, and you can't minimize the importance of that. Sailors used to believe that there really were giant monsters out there attacking boats. People believed in creatures like the cyclops, and that those kinds of things existed. So the stories about heroes defeating those beasts had maybe as much meaning as us telling stories about how the Mets won in '86."

From Battle Grip: "The original novel Frankenstein was a big influence, and that led to incorporating some influence from the early movies. The main theme that resonates though all those stories is the question of what it means to be Human."

And if that's not enough, Listen to Daniel & I on GAABFest here!


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