Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"Say You Want A Revolution..."

Indy Comic Book Week is quickly approaching, and I wanted to take a moment and tell you something that most comic creators won't. If your comic shop is supporting Indy Comic Book Week- go buy something Independent that really grabs you. Sure, if Robot 13 is what you need to possess, then I am not going to make you put down the precious and walk away...

But for me, the most important thing you can do during Indy Comic Book Week is to buy something other than X-Men or Detective Comics or Spawn or whatever you normally gravitate toward, even if it's not my book.

The way for Indy comics to survive is for YOU to buy something different for a change. No, you don't have to bail on Blackest Night, but it wouldn't hurt for you to hunt down Skullboy Army as well. I totally appreciate that people love Robot 13, and I hope you all continue to read the mini series and KING! as well when it comes out... but Indy comics is a whole 'nother box of crayons, and there are a thousand colors to choose from. Try a few out, and you might just find a new lifelong friend. Or you might get a rock. Either way, by giving Indy comics a shot, you cast a vote with your money that speaks volumes to a comic shop owner.

Ever wonder why some shops seem to be Indy havens and others treat anything outside of the Diamond Previews hot list as being leprous Hobos? It's because customers at shop A will buy Indy books while customers from shop B cry out "Unclean! Unclean!" and look away in horror...

Yes, store owners need to take a chance on Indy books, but if nobody buys those books even the most Indy lovin' fanboy who owns his own store will stock only the Big Two plus maybe Image, Dark Horse and the rare flavor of the month from some mid-sized third party.

Indy comics is where the innovation comes from. It's where the risk is taken. It's where you find things that challange you and really make you think.

Yes, if you love comics, you can survive on a mainstream diet. You can also live your whole life without eating seasoned food. In both cases, the only way to understand what you are missing is to try some and see for yourself.

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Blogger samax said...

((raises fist in agreement))
if i was not at home, i would throw something right now... viva la emeffin' revolucion...

12:33 AM  

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