Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Upload On The Down-Low

Right now, there are 3 alternatives for those of you who want to read Robot 13 in a digital format: Robot Comic's version here, Panelfly's version here and the piece of crap bootleg that is floating around the Internet (which I won't point you to).

While versions A and B each have their differences, both of them are not only officially sanctioned by Blacklist Studios, both of them started off by using High Res files that we provided. That's why they look so good- they began with the best possible source material so that we could offer YOU a nice product. While no company is ever 100% perfect, we at Blacklist have always tried to err on the side of giving comic fans the best comic experience we can.

We try to go the extra mile for you because as comic fans ourselves we would want that from someone else. If you have seen the quality of the printed books we put out, you know that we would rather make less on an issue than give you something that wasn't on par or better with the other top books on the market.

When you look at the option C version that is being traded all over the 'Net, you will notice that the quality of it sucks. Someone took their copy and scanned it (poorly) and what you have is, while readable, an over all piece of crap compared to the visual experience we wanted to bring you.

Now, to be fair, that argument isn't what you will hear from most publishers. Yes- IF Blacklist was paid for only 10% of all the illegal downloads of Robot 13 to date it, would represent more than 20,000% increase of cash to our bottom line. And Yes, IF we had those kind of funds, it would mean we could do some amazing things. But our attitude is- a person who is willing to break the law and potentially face jail time and ridiculous monitary fines to read our comics only to end up downloading something that visually both Sucks AND Blows is cheating themselves.

Spend the .99 and save your "Get Out Of Jail Free" card for another day, and you'll be surprised as to how much better of a comic experience you'll get from it...


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