Monday, January 25, 2010


For those of you who have been drooling over the upcoming new series KING! from Blacklist Studios, I wanted to give you the opportunity to speak your piece and let us know what burning questions you have about the big guy. In every issue of KING!, we will have a backup story that will answer a question from some lucky reader- kind of like a "letters page," but in visual form.

What do you want to know about KING!?

What would you like to see him do?

Now, before you get all crazy- PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT looking for scripts.

I am looking for questions or situations that you'd like to see KING! in.

YOU ask the questions, we will pick the best ones and Daniel and I will tell you the story about what actually happened...

Remember- this is in place of a letters page, so ask your fanboy questions and we will give you answers!

Please send your emails to , making sure you reference W.W.K.D? or hit me up on Twitter at with the trending topic #WWKD . In any case- brief and interesting always beats out long windeded and stupid any day!

Please make sure to state your queries in the form of a question and, like all fanboy letters to the Editor, let us know your name and the State & Town that you are in so we can quote you correctly.

Whatever you send us is property of Blacklist Studios LLC., and it's all in fun so don't get all bent if someone beats you to a good idea.


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