Friday, February 12, 2010

Freedom Of Choice

In the recent review of Robot 13: Colossus! Issue 3 on Geek Native, we learn the following:

"My first exposure to Robot 13 was due to the clever way it’s being published. It simply looks great on the iPhone and the Android. I’m fascinated by the changes that are coming to the publishing world and especially the digital aspect of it. I think there is a future in magazines (especially on a subscription) and I think devices like the iPad will be perfect for that. If I ever get an iPad then I can happily imagine myself flicking through some quality material such as Robot 13."

In the back and forth debate about Digital Comics Vs. Print Comics, most imagine an end game where Digital "wins" and the market for Print becomes non-existent and those of us who like to hold paper comics in our hands will be deemed "Obsolete" by The State and will have to give up our Comic BOOKS or choose the method of our liquidation...

For me, it's interesting to consider that it's possible for one to create a desire to read the other- iPhone Comics lovers may read a comic and decide they want the very different experience of reading a more conventional comic, and Print fans may decide they want to bring their favorite comics along with them digitally. We could be heading for an AND situation here.

After all, look at Vinyl Records- while some other music formats have come and gone, Vinyl had kept a niche market which fluctuates based on Style of music. Fans of some types of music want it on Vinyl, while others care for that format less. That may be the future, just as the Prophets Devo foretold: "Freedom of Choice."

That, however, wasn't the "point" of the review. They also really liked the book.

Read all about it here.


Blogger samax said...

I agree. as a hardcore hip hopper, I can tell you that things like vinyl records, breakdancing, and blaxploitation movies never went anywhere, because they were around juuust long enough to capture a permanent following.

the same can be said of printed media. they will be very niche, but the digital world has done a lot more to welcome and empower niches than destroy them.

I for oneread welcome the ability to choose and partake of both the future and the past!

2:15 PM  

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