Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Science Of Cyclopia

Due to the complete and utter nonsense surrounding the cover for Robot 13: Colossus! Issue 3, I wanted to make a few points crystal clear that I alluded to here.

First of all Cyclopia is a real Human condition, and one that almost always has a fatal result in extreme cases. The reason for this is that Humans born with acute Cyclopia not only have a single eye, but they also have a myriad of other birth defects and issues and are thousands of times more susceptible to Cancer and other life threatening illness. Most never live long enough to exhibit those signs of illness, however, because malformations in the lungs, heart, brain and liver usually keep a live-born person with Cyclopia from making it that far.

Now- the point of my mentioning this is only to be clear as to why our Cyclops was designed as he was. The Protrusions on his head and the nodes that cover his body are, in fact, tumors.

He does NOT have "sawed off horns" or any such nonsense on his head.

The design of the character was such that he reflected the one in a billion chance that would occur IF a giant Cyclops were to actually exist. IF such a person were to actually live into adulthood, a "best case" scenario would be that such a person would b full of such growths- be they Cancerous or not.

Again- our cover has nothing in common with Hellboy because Hellboy is essentially the grown-up version of Harvey's "Hot Stuff," while our Cyclops was borne out of hours and hours of research into medical realities.

And again, to be painfully clear- the point of us doing this research and pointing such things out was not to ridicule the birth defect. Being literate individuals, we actually read Books from time to time. Knowledge is power, but only if you use it. Otherwise it's like walking around a gunfight with a pocket full of bullets. Yes, you will keep them in "mint condition," but you will also get blown full of holes...


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