Monday, February 01, 2010

The Very Nearly Almost Colossus!

Special thanks to Matt for making Scott Allie's dream come true! Above you see the cover that should have been for issue 3 of Robot 13...

Because it's obvious that this:

Wasn't influenced at ALL by this (Which came out a year before Hellboy):
And that neither image recalled King Kong from 60 years before that:

But instead, the wholly original Mignola cover was actually ripped off by us here:
Silly, right? But that is Scott's thought on the subject- as brought to you by Superpunch.

Of course, if you view the cover in it's original color scheme here,

It looks even less like Hellboy than ever... Mostly because the only thing the original cover has in common with the Hellboy cover in question is the color red. For the record, the reason we even went with red was, A) it made sense in terms of the story and B) if we didn't change the color, the Cyclops would disappear into all the gray and white of the snowy mountains.

What we DIDN'T realize, however, is how much our cover looked like THIS:

Which we never saw until over a month after the book was finished, printed and on a boat from China.



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