Saturday, March 06, 2010

Around The Horn V 3.3

Comic Book Jesus Says: "Every issue has been filled with pages designed with such gusto that they demand to be gazed at. With #3 Bradford pulls out all the stops and fills these 32 pages with many moments like that. He has an uncanny knack of just knowing what looks unashamedly cool on paper, and it’s all done with so few lines and such subtle colouring, that it makes it even more impressive. The hard-edged approach to every shape, use of silhouettes and great tension building arrangement of panels all work splendidly to make this an engaging, and easy to follow tale. I could easily see Hall and Bradford working on a Clash of the Titans comic with the same vigour they show here."

Broken Frontier Says: "I’m happy to say that I cannot get enough of this book, and I recommend that everyone shell out the few dollars it takes to join along with Robot 13 on his journey of adventure and discovery. "


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