Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Around The Horn V 3.4

Comic Book Bin Says: "This third installment of the "Colossus!" story arc has been the most solid and entertaining issue thus far. Thomas Hall throws in a brilliant homage to Frankenstein as the blind hermit Oliver takes the unconscious (due to a crash-landing atop a Phoenix) robot into his home, believing 13 is a downed fighter pilot. Bradford's artwork is exquisite as usual. Strangely angular and asymmetrical profiles, heavily inked shadows, and tons of terrifying beasts: this is some of the most unique and enthralling horror illustrating I've seen in the past decade. There's never a dull moment within the pages of Robot 13. This is a must-read. " Rating: 9.5/10

SP! Nexus Says: "Pick this book up, and get in on the ground floor of something big and special." 5 STARS (OUT OF 5)

Today's image is a pin-up from Robot 13 #3 by the FANTASTIC Kim Loh! See more of her work here.


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