Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Robot 13 Issue 3 on Panelfly

You may have checked out Comic Book Resources today and read the review of Robot 13 Issue 3 where they said, "this issue has the most story of all three, and it's the most satisfying issue to date. If issue #1 was about rip roarin' sea monster action, and issue #2 was about rip roarin' phoenix fights with a bit of unexpected backstory, then issue #3 is about rip roarin' Cyclops fisticuffs with even more explicit information about the creature called Robot 13."

If you did, you may be too excited to wait until your store has their print copies in late this week... If you have an iPhone, however, you can read the issue NOW.

The comic reader from Panelfly.com has all 3 issues of the current Robot 13 mini-series available- it looks great & works on any iPhone or iPod Touch! Just open up your Panelfly App & you can forget that pesky thing called "Patience!"

Download and enjoy some Robot Vs. Cyclops battling today!


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