Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To Infinity And Beyond

Via Twitter today, I found a review of the Robot Comics iPhone version of Robot 13 #1.

In it, the reviewer said : "Apps are great and they have one for just about anything, but it's the oddball free stuff that I really enjoy. Take Robot 13 as an example. I likely would have never discovered this comic without my i-Phone. Before I get to the comic itself, I have to give kudos to whomever designed the interface for Robot 13 on the i-Phone. It's a rich reading experience that makes each page feel like a story teller is unfolding it for you. I've read a lot of comics on my i-Phone but this interface was one of the best. Surprisingly better than many of the efforts by the major publishers. "

The idea that Mobile comics can be a fun experience has been touted for some time. many people have even gone so far as to suggest that existing comic readers may migrate to digital versions of their favorite comics completely. Here, however, I see actual evidence of a digital version of a comic creating a new comic reader... or at least, a new reader for R13.

Interesting. I wonder how many times things like this will repeat- giving away a digital copy of issue 1 and enlightening that person to what we comic geeks all know: Comics are alot of Fun.

In this case, the digital version impressed someone enough to make them want to talk about it with other people...

Here's hoping that such things become a trend.


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