Tuesday, April 06, 2010

And The Winner Is...?

I woke up today and took a peek at the list of Rondo winners for this year. While there were a few interesting choices, most category winners were one of 2 or 3 that I think most would have picked as front runners going in. In the Best Horror Comic category, however, the winner was Batman: Gotham After Midnight.


Now to be fair, I never really expected a small book like Robot 13 to win. We appreciate everyone who voted for us and are happy for all the winners in every category. And we really DO mean it when we say that just being nominated and considered at all was a huge honor. I mean- how many comics were published last year with horror themes and DIDN'T get nominated?

On the other hand- BATMAN beat out Hellboy, The Goon, The Astounding Wolf Man, Locke and Key, The Complete Dracula, Victorian Undead for Best HORROR comic?

It seems like a Jethro Tull moment to me.

That's not me being bitter, either. Look at the list & forget about Robot 13 for a moment.

Not alot to say, right?

But that's what is cool about fan voting and it's also what often makes the results of fan voting cause one to scratch their head. People get to vote and they are left to their own devices to come up with a method of choosing their winner. America Werewolf in London won for best DVD- was that because people looked over all the choices an weighed them, or because many people voted and that was the first on the list that caught their eye & that they actually saw? There's no way to know. And either method is acceptable- it's your vote after all.

But I think it's fair to say while I didn't expect to see Robot 13 as the winner, it never once entered my head that Batman would win for Best Horror Comic Book...


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