Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hail To The King, Baby! Part 3

Omnicomic Says: "I can easily see fans of We Kill Monsters or Johnny Bravo really loving this book. I know that Bravo was somewhat based on Elvis and I get the same vibe from King as a character: a little dimwitted but strong enough that he can pretty much power through any situation. "

GhettoManga Says: "maybe the Blacklist cats wear their influences on their sleeves, but they are influenced by awesome comics, so it's all good! Anyways, Bradford's art is consistent and fun. I liked his stuff on Robot13, but it works even better here, where his sense of humor is really put to good use. Like Lobo or Hellboy, Bradford's King is as much a monstrous freak as the undead beasts he ventilates..."

Newsarama says: "I love this book. It's another hit-on-the-screws home run by the same creative team behind the fantastic R-13 that I've gushed about in the past (and I'm jonesing to have collected in a trade paperback). A bounty hunter that looks like Elvis may be the gimmick, but it's the personality that Thomas Hall injects into the character and the story that makes this offbeat book laugh out loud funny in spots and the best thing I've read since, well, okay, since R-13. "


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