Monday, August 30, 2010

KING! #1: The Famous Monsters of Filmland Review!

Growing up, I was a fanatic for Famous Monsters of Filmland.

Back in the day, if you wanted to really KNOW about Monster movies, FM was the magazine that had everything. Famous Monsters not only covered the current Monster and Sci-Fi fare, but you got in-depth looks at obscure films and crazy behind-the-scenes stuff as well... I remember sitting in my basement, reading our stack of FM's and dreaming of a day when some story I created would be talked about in it's pages.

Recently, IDW has re-launched FM and the crazy thing is that in some small part my childhood dream has come true- the FM website has reviewed KING! #1...

Among other things, the reviewer said, "...the simplicity of KING! is what makes the story work, for the King himself is a simple man. He obviously likes to lounge around in his chonies at his home in the desert, and on occasion kill various types of menacing monsters and demons hell bent on destroying mankind. Though his mode of transportation is the bus, the King gets around and you bet I’m going to follow him on the journey wherever it may lead baby. And you should too."

What more do I need to say? Check out the rest of the review here, and don't forget to pick up FM at your local comic shop or wherever magazines are sold...


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