Tuesday, August 03, 2010

KING! Issue 1 To Drop August 16th!!!


King of Rock ‘n Roll becomes King of Sock ‘em All!

BUTLER, NJ (August 3, 2010) – Writer Thomas Hall and artist Daniel Bradford of Blacklist Studios, creators of one of the most acclaimed independent comics of recent years return this August with the release of “KING!”

Like their breakout hit “R-13,” the hero of the duo’s new series is adept at dispatching monsters. But unlike Robot-13, “KING!” knows all too well who he is… and he’s not afraid to have some fun as he bashes the baddies in this decidedly “comic” book.

“Daniel and I really enjoy the intricacies and depths of the R-13 mythology, and love conveying the universal emotions that story engenders,” says Hall. “But we’re also fans of comedy and monsters and KING! gives us the chance to go over-the-top in ways that reflect the comic books and movies we grew up with.”

“I get to draw bad-asses, brains, big guns and burritos… what could be better?” adds Bradford.

KING! #1 tells the story of a former pro wrestler-turned-bounty hunter who bears more than a striking resemblance to a certain “King of Rock ‘n Roll.” All he wants is a whole day of nuthin’. All he gets is a hunka’ hunka’ talkin’ heart in the mail… and the tale the heart tells is nothing short of epic. Can KING! simultaneously save the local Blubber Tubber Burger joint from an undead infestation and satisfy his hunger for a peanut butter banana burrito with bacon?

Now fans of Blacklist Studios, Robot 13 and Elvis Presley can have their burritos and eat them too when the first issue of KING! #1 is released on August 16, 2010 – just in time for the 33rd anniversary of the real King’s passing!
For fans who want their wardrobe to be as cool as the comic they’re reading, there’s also a KING! t-shirt available on the Blacklist Studios website. No one will mess with you when staring at the pistol-packin’, pompadour sportin’ monster killer on your chest!

The print edition of KING! #1 can be pre-ordered directly from Blacklist Studios (www.blackliststudios.com). The 32-page, full color comic retails for $3.99 US. For wholesale purchases, distributors and retailers are encouraged to email Blacklist Studios’ Thomas Hall at tom@blackliststudios.com or contact Tony Shenton at shenton4sales@aol.com for terms and information.

About Blacklist Studios
Blacklist Studios publishes the comics KING! and R-13. Visit their official website at www.blackliststudios.com.


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