Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hail To The KING!, Baby V 2.1

Spanky Stokes Says: "Gotta love zombies, vampires, and the King! kicking a$$ and taking names!"

Infinite Hollywood Says: "I give it a hearty recommendation for anyone who likes Hellboy, Evil Dead, Bad Asses or anything that's trippy fun."

Jalopy Says: "Bradford's art continues to evolve. Though not illustrating armored skulls pounding mythological monstrosities here, he is instead challenged with a comedic horror set-up, with an increasingly sublime and sinister aim. He is illustrating, simply put, what Bubba Ho-tep could've/should've been. His forms are elongated and sharp, perhaps owing moreso to the Vampire Hunter D anime than to assorted works from Mike Mignola or Guy Davis (both artists who have obviously influenced Bradford's earlier work). It's dark stuff, quite stylish. And the humor of it all never crosses over into falling anvils territory."


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