Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hail To The KING!, Baby V 2.3

Wired's Geek Dad Says: " King! is a wild and crazy monster-fest featuring none other than the King himself. Armed with a couple of oversized revolvers, “Rock” and “Roll” brass knuckles and a healthy ego, the pompadoured hero fights zombies in the first issue and vampires in the second. Hall and Bradford are the folks behind Robot 13, and King! is drawn in the same style—angular, lots of black, big splash pages of action."

Major Spoilers Says: "I have to say that I enjoyed the hell out of this book, and wish that I could get my dose of King! on a monthly basis, simply for the entertainment value alone. King! is a perfect synthesis of pop-culture iconography, and serves as a likeable center for the tales we’ve seen so far."

GhettoManga Says: "The Blacklist Studios crew of Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford do another good job of bringing the exploits of their (so far) nameless hero to the printed page. Hall's writing folds bits of character development into the story to keep it moving along, and Bradford continues to experiment with the combination of horror imagery and action comedy that made the first issue work."


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