Sunday, February 26, 2012

Robot 13: The Incentives!

If you join us in pledging to the Robot 13 Trade paperback kickstarter, you not only can get a copy of our first paperback collection, but you can get some amazingly fun incentives! One incentive that has been amazingly popular has been a signed copy of the Robot 13 #1 Director's cut. Since we first announced it, people have loved the idea that we were re-releasing issue 1, correcting the few printing errors that the 1st printing suffered from as well as adding back 5 aditional pages that didn't make it in time for the original!
We are also including with all pledges over $5 a random selection of Robot 13 buttons! One think that most Robot 13 fans probably don't know is that we limit our button runs to a few hundred of any one design- we figure that we can always make new button designs & they are inexpensive to produce, so we look to make them not only fun, but collectible! For the kickstarter, we will be giving fans a mixture of popular past designs and brand new buttons, all of which will be run in the same low quantities as always!


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