Thursday, February 16, 2012


Daniel and I tried for many months to find a publisher for a Robot 13 Trade paperback collection... Only to come back to the point where we realized that we needed to do it ourselves.

To make it happen, we turned to Kickstarter- Between now and March 13th, you can pledge to be part of Blacklist Studios history and get a copy of the 1st Robot 13 Trade for yourself! Not only can you get books, but we have buttons, Glow-In-The-Dark Tee Shirts,original sketches, pages of original art and even the first batch of Blacklist Studios Mini-Figures modeled by Deadbear Studios! We even have levels where you can get a copy of EVERYTHING we have ever produced, as well as the opportunity to be IN a future issue of Robot 13!!!

Go to to find out how you can get involved!!!


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