Thursday, March 15, 2012

Navigating The Maze

The Robot 13 Kickstarter was fully funded on Tuesday & we ended up exceeding our goal by a little over $2000... I am extremely happy with the results & would absolutely do it again. Now, however, is the time when the real fun begins, because all the books and incentives have to be produced and shipped to the right people.

In about 15 days, Amazon will pay us (minus the fees to themselves and Kickstarter, which add up to about 10% total) and I will be cutting checks and getting the whole production machine rocking. We have product coming from 5 states, I have to coodinate signings with people in 3 others & then have to send out all the books, shirts, toys and buttons to people all over the US and a bunch of other countries... While I actually love this aspect of the comic business, it's tiring and a ton of hard work.

Today's image will be part of the trade via Mike Rooth-


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