Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Rest For The Wicked

Do you need me to tell you there is no rest for the wicked?

Didn't think so... But read THIS anyway...

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Difference Between "May" and "Can"

Learn what a simple Grade School English lesson can teach you about your Indy Comics aspirations here...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dreaming Up A Dirt Nap

Read THIS before it's too late...

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Critically-acclaimed mini-series collection slated for October release from Italian publisher BAO

BUTLER, NJ (September, 2010) – One of the most talked-about indie comics of recent years is R-13, aka Robot-13. The story of a skull-headed robot with an irresistible instinct to battle mythological creatures captured the imaginations of comic book fans the world over. The ensuing coverage was widespread, well beyond the expectations of its co-creators, writer Thomas Hall and artist Daniel Bradford of Blacklist Studios.

“It’s really taken on a life of its own,” said Hall. “We have been interviewed by reporters from websites in Germany and Australia, seen our book raved about by Spanish and Portuguese comic reviewers and magazines in Canada and the UK have done pieces on Robot 13.”

Among R-13’s many champions is MTV’s Rick Marshall, an editor of the network’s movie, pop culture and comic book news site, “The Splash Page.” Rick called R-13 the “Best Under-the-Radar Comic Series” to debut in 2009.

This October, readers in Italy will have an opportunity to discover what all the excitement is about with the release of the ROBOT-13 COLOSSO! trade paperback collection from Italian publisher BAO. The collection will mark the first time the “R-13: Colossus” comic book mini-series has been compiled in paperback form.

BAO will debut the collection during Italy’s premier pop culture event, the Lucca Comics & Games 2010 convention, held in the medieval city of Lucca, in the Tuscan hills. ROBOT 13: COLOSSO! will premiere alongside BAO’s other Fall new releases, including a hardcover edition of Jeff Smith and Charles Vess’s “Rose” and Mike Allred’s “Red Rocket 7.”

“A relatively unknown property such as “ROBOT 13” represents BAO’s attempt to bring more attention to a title that is absolutely deserving of sitting on the same shelves as the works of such a parade of illuminati,” says Michele Foschini, Publishing Manager of BAO Publishing. “Thanks to the positive word of mouth on American fan press, BAO was the first foreign publisher to offer Blacklist an international deal, and is proud of the honor.”

The 6,2″ x 9,45″ square-bound paperback includes 96 full color pages and retails for eleven euros. It features a white matte laminated cover with an all-new illustration by Daniel Bradford specially created for this edition. The book will be made available to specialty comics and graphic arts stores throughout Europe and in regular chain and independent bookstores, thanks to BAO’s integrated distribution system, provided by Alastor and De Agostini, two of Italy’s distribution powerhouses.

“We are very pleased to have a company like BAO handle our first ever paperback collection,” says Robot 13 writer Thomas Hall. “Their past work shows how devoted they are to quality representations of American comics for European audiences.”

BAO’s work has not gone unnoticed. Recently the company was chosen by Planeta DeAgostini to be their exclusive supplier of Italian translations for their entire DC Comics line.

Packed with action, intrigue and poignancy, the “Colossus!” storyline is just the beginning of what Hall and Bradford plan to be an ongoing saga for their robot hero.

“We’ve only partially revealed R-13’s origins and the meaning behind his mission,” teases Hall. “There are more stories to tell about this skull-headed robot warrior. It may sound clichéd but it truly is an epic-in-the-making!”


Friday, September 10, 2010

Superheroes For Hospice Event: Sept. 11 Mounmouth Mall

I will be at the Monmouth Mall in New Jersey this Saturday, September 11th as part of the "Heroes for Hospice" fundrasing effort. I'll have copies of KING! as well as some Robot 13's and free buttons while they last. In addition, there will be other Comic creators and a massive motherload of super cheap back issues to buy, and everything raised goes to help the St. Barnabas Hospice program.

It's an amazing cause to be a part of- people in need of the St. Barnabas Hospice program need our support... and if you can walk away with awesome Comics in the bargan? Win/Win my friends!

Hope to see you there!

For more info, check out the official announcement HERE.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Magican's Nephew

Do you believe in Magic?

Check out today's Indy Comic FAIL here and find out why there IS no "Magic" to making Comics...

Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Customer Is Always Right!

Want to know how following an old Customer Service cliche will drive you to mental and financial ruin? Read all about it HERE!