Sunday, February 26, 2012

Robot 13: The Incentives!

If you join us in pledging to the Robot 13 Trade paperback kickstarter, you not only can get a copy of our first paperback collection, but you can get some amazingly fun incentives! One incentive that has been amazingly popular has been a signed copy of the Robot 13 #1 Director's cut. Since we first announced it, people have loved the idea that we were re-releasing issue 1, correcting the few printing errors that the 1st printing suffered from as well as adding back 5 aditional pages that didn't make it in time for the original!
We are also including with all pledges over $5 a random selection of Robot 13 buttons! One think that most Robot 13 fans probably don't know is that we limit our button runs to a few hundred of any one design- we figure that we can always make new button designs & they are inexpensive to produce, so we look to make them not only fun, but collectible! For the kickstarter, we will be giving fans a mixture of popular past designs and brand new buttons, all of which will be run in the same low quantities as always!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Robot 13 Shows His M.U.S.C.L.E.

If you have gone over to Kickstarter to check out the Robot 13 Trade project, you probably saw the fact that Deadbear Studios ( ) is making toys for us of several of the Blacklist Studios characters. As you can see from the in-process shots above, the 2' figures are scaled to mesh up with the old-school M.U.S.C.L.E. wrestling figures. For the Kickstarter, we will be doing 2 levels- a pewter "open" edition and a limited black colorway. In both cases, these will be made to order- so if, for example, 50 people want the pewter and 6 people ask for the limited black, then that is all that will be made & those colorways will be retired...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Robot $13

When Daniel and I decided to go to Kickstarter to get our Trade collection of the first Robot 13 story arc printed, we decided we wanted to also use the opportunity to have a bunch of amazing stuff created. For anyone who pledges $35 or more, for example, you can get the awesome Golw-in-the-Dark Tee Shirt of the R13 logo pictured above. We also have licensed Toys, original art & sketches and host of other fun stuff... but the key level for us will cost you only $13.

For just $13, you can simply get a copy of the Robot 13 trade and some cool Robot 13 buttons (including shipping- International pledges add $5). Since $13 is going to be the cover price of the trade, buying it for $13 including shipping is the best deal you may ever get on it. In fact- I am 110% sure that if we do offer the trade through our website later, the total will be more than $13 unless we get vastly overfunded.

Why are we giving you what amounts to a free shipping deal? And why are we pushing that option?


Ever since the first issue came out, fans all over asked us about a Trade. We wanted people who waited for a trade to read the book, or who only bought the comic digitally or who wanted to have a trade as a reading copy to have one as cheaply as we could afford to make it. And while we love all the cool incentives we have put together for you, we are more interested in getting as many books out there as possible than we are in having the Kickstarted overfund to 1 million. We feel that Robot 13 is a book that people need to read, and if they give it a chance it could very well become one of their all time favorites...

So if you are already a R13 fan, when you go to to back Robot 13, back whatever level seems good to you. If you pass the link on to a friend who never read Robot 13, however, please suggest the $13 option....

But those Tee Shirts are sweet, right?

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Daniel and I tried for many months to find a publisher for a Robot 13 Trade paperback collection... Only to come back to the point where we realized that we needed to do it ourselves.

To make it happen, we turned to Kickstarter- Between now and March 13th, you can pledge to be part of Blacklist Studios history and get a copy of the 1st Robot 13 Trade for yourself! Not only can you get books, but we have buttons, Glow-In-The-Dark Tee Shirts,original sketches, pages of original art and even the first batch of Blacklist Studios Mini-Figures modeled by Deadbear Studios! We even have levels where you can get a copy of EVERYTHING we have ever produced, as well as the opportunity to be IN a future issue of Robot 13!!!

Go to to find out how you can get involved!!!