Thursday, November 26, 2009

Boris Karloff Blog-A-Thon!!!

Those of you who have been following Robot 13 for a minute know that there is a definate connection between what we are doing in the comic & Frankenstein. What you might not realize, however, is that the Frankenstein connection is not just between R13 and the novel- the various movie incarnations (expecially the early Universal releases) had a strong influence on the story as well.
Growing up, the Karloff Frankenstein was THE definiative version. Yes, the Hammer movies were cool in their own right, but nothing beat those early films for me. Karloff brought a sensitivity and pathos to the character that has still been unmatched to this day. He made you feel that the "Monster" was really just a Human being, awkward and fumbling but ultimately not really evil. You saw the pain, the sadness and the confusion that Karloff poured out into his role- truely embodying the soul of the character as Mary Shelly put it in her novel. You also understood that Karloff's "Monster" was really a symbol, representing what it meant to be different and to be despised for those differences.
Because I was touched so profoundly by Karloff and his portrayal, I made sure we found ways to reference the movie visually, especially in the upcoming 3rd issue. If you look at the panel above, you can see how Robot 13's entrance into a room looks strikingly similar to that famous still of Karloff from the original film...
If you want to pick up the first 2 issues of Robot 13, you can get them here.
If you want to learn more about Boris Karloff, check out other entries from the Boris Karloff Blog-A-Thon at

Friday, November 20, 2009

Help Blacklist Children's Cancer

Can it be?
Robot 13 Vs. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?!?

Saturday, December 5, 2009 from 12:00pm - 4:00pm @SpazDog Comics, 21610 N. 35th Avenue #162 in Glendale, AZ, there will be a Charity Toy Drive event for the Children's Cancer Network. It's going to be a Ghostbuster's themed event, with local Ghostbuster's troupe members, a giant inflatible Stay Puft Marshmallow man & this mega cool print. Daniel will be there to sign them & you can drop off new toys to help kids in need...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scene Knot Herd

Most of the time, I collect the key bits of reviews & commentary about Robot 13 and post them here for you to gawk at. Lately, however, I have found a few mentions that just tickled me...

At Great Caesar's Post: " If Hellboy and Atomic Robo made sweet, strange love and had an awesome bastard child that was equal parts science, magic and mayhem, it might look a little something like Robot 13."

At Pigs of the Industry: "Looks like a Scooby-Doo villain, kills monsters like nobody's business!"

At Indie Squid Kid: "I won’t reveal how this epic battle ends, but I will remind you that this comics isn’t called “One-Eyed Squid Monster 13.”"

En MondoComic: "Aquí ese extraño robot/esqueleto/buzo revela algo de su pasado, y si en un comic en donde aparece un personaje como éste también aparecen Medusa y el Ave Fénix..."

And then there is THIS!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

"I'd Buy That For A Dollar..."

For several years now, has been where we at Blacklist get our promotional 1" buttons. Not only are they quality stuff, but they are extremely affordable and you can run all kinds of designs in lots of 100. Aside from full color buttons, they also offer Gold foil, Silver foil and the always popular Glow-In-The Dark buttons! You can check out a couple of our designs here, and feel free to tell them you heard about them from Blacklist.

Yes- they not only know us, but they think we are okay chaps...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Return of the Beat Menace!


Robot-13 returns to battle a Phoenix and
continue his journey of self-discovery in R-13 #2!

BUTLER, NJ (November, 2009) –

“Fantastic. Phenomenal. Best book I’ve read all year. I’m not just blowing smoke, now: this is, seriously, the best series I’ve read all year.” - Jeff Marsick, Newsarama

“’Robot 13’ continues to trek forward with the same original vigor and excitement that was set into motion in the first issue. Hall and Bradford allow themselves full liberty in borrowing from Greek mythology, providing a buffet for the imagination.” - Steven Surman, Comics News.Info

“This self-published series is just as impressive as the adventures of ‘Hellboy,’ and does deserve just as wide an audience. I can sum up this series in two words: must buy.” - Kris Bather, Broken Frontier

One of the most talked-about indy comics of the year is back with the release of R-13 #2 (aka ROBOT 13) by Blacklist Studios. The second issue of this acclaimed series is also being released in the digital format for the Apple and Google mobile market via a special arrangement with Robot Comics.

The story of a skull-headed robot with an irresistible instinct to battle mythological creatures has captured the imaginations of comic book fans the world over. The widespread reaction has gone well beyond the expectations of its co-creators, writer Thomas Hall and artist Daniel Bradford.

“It’s really taken on a life of its own,” said Hall. “We have been interviewed by reporters from websites in Germany and Australia, seen our book raved about by Spanish and Portuguese comic reviewers and magazines in Canada and the UK have done pieces on Robot 13.”

The comic has also become a favorite among some famous folks in the realm of fantasy.

“We have gotten feedback from world renowned authors, top Hollywood executives and established comic book artists alike and all of it has been pretty positive,” added Hall.

Now, R13 returns with a second thrilling issue, packed with even more action and intrigue!

The print edition of R-13 #2 can be ordered directly from Blacklist Studios ( The 32-page, full color comic retails for $3.99 US. Distributors and retailers are encouraged to contact Blacklist Studios for wholesale rates.

R-13 #2 can also be ordered in a digital edition from Robot Comics ( for iPhone, iPod and Android mobiles in late 2009. R-13 #1 will be offered for free with subsequent issues priced at $0.99 each.

In “Colossus Part 2,” Robot 13’s quest to discover who he is goes on as he continues his journey with the fishermen who found him. Seeing only fragments of his past, the robot warrior desperately tries to remember where he came from and why he feels compelled to battle mythological creatures of destruction. With R13 aboard, you can be sure there’s rough sailing ahead… and this time, it’s in the form of a Phoenix! This ravaging battle provides just a taste of what’s ahead for our intrepid hero, as a diabolical figure watches from the shadows… and isn’t happy that monsters keep dying!

Writer Thomas Hall and artist Daniel Bradford continue the saga of their creation, and as an added bonus for their fans, this issue includes pulse-pounding pin-ups from fan-favorite artists Tom “Cemetery Blues” Boatwright, A.P. “Heavy Metal” Furtado, Daniel “Monster Commute” Davis and Todd “Robot Frank’s Life” Webb. Also included are not one but two covers – the front cover by Daniel Bradford and a bonus fully-painted back cover by Jeff “Mecha Manga Bible Heroes” Slemons!

About Robot Comics
Robot Comics publishes mobile comics for hand-helds such as Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, Google's Android mobiles, Nintendo DSi and Amazon's Kindle. It is one of first and few mobile comic publishers who offer titles specifically designed and formatted to be read on e-devices. For more information contact:

About Blacklist Studios
Blacklist Studios publishes the comics Robot 13 and KING (coming soon). Visit their official website at or the ROBOT-13 MySpace page at Follow writer Thomas Hall’s blog at and check out more of Daniel Bradford’s art at

Keep Watching The Skies

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