Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Cyclops Of Odilon Redon

In doing the research for Issue 3 of Robot 13: Colossus!, I found the painting above. Yes, the Cyclops of Odilon Redon's painting isn't what most people picture when they think of the creature, but in reality it's closer to the truth than most versions...

The picture above is a skull from a person born with extreme Holoprosencephaly or"Cyclops Deformity." Approximately 1 in every 16,000 children will exhibit some form of Cyclopia, although those born with extreme cases such as the one above almost never survive because children born with this almost always have other deformities and can be as much as 1,000 times more susceptible to cancers.

Also, you will see that the skull, like Odilion's Cyclops, has no nose. Usually, children born with Cyclopia either have no nose or will have a nose with limited to no function.

What that means is, while Ray Harryhausen's Cyclops was very cool looking, it was far less accurate that that of Odilion's painting.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"It's Alive!"

Today, I got to proof Issue 3 of Robot 13 before we send everything to the printer. Of all three issues, this was the one I worked hardest on as a writer. In talking to Daniel, I found out this was the issue that kicked his butt the most as well...

Without reservation, I think the work has paid off, and Issue 3 is not only going to be the best Robot 13 story of the bunch, but it's the finest work Daniel and I have done together to date...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Things From Another World!

Yesterday, I saw John Carpenter's remake of The Thing- an amazing movie that has influenced me in many ways when it comes to writing comics. It made me totally re-think what could be done with visuals and how far out you could go...

That movie also made me think about the original movie- an excellent film which still holds up, but a very different type of story. It's amazing to me how 2 totally different movies can spring from the same source material...

That leads me to an email I got about 5 minutes ago, telling me that the online Mecca Things From Another World has started carrying Robot 13... and yes, they have copies of Issue 1.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Robot 13 x Panelfly for iTunes Available NOW!

Those of you who are loving's interface for reading mobile comics, your day of Robot-y goodness has COME! Panelfly has teamed up with Blacklist Studios to bring you Robot 13~ NOW Available on iTunes!
Just head on over to the iTunes App store and pick up your digital download of issue 1 today!

"All I Want For Christmas..."

Since we announced that we were Sold Out of Robot 13: Colossus! Issue 1, I have been asked quite a bit about getting copies. People have contacted me and said things like, "Do you have ONE left for ME?" or "Come on now... I'm your friend..."

Sad to say, all those people are getting a lump of coal from me, because unless we have some mislabeled inventory or something, we are really and truly out of books...

What I CAN tell you is that most of the retailers listed HERE still have copies in stock. For those of you who don't have one of those stores nearby, you can always buy copies online from HeavyInk, Midtown Comics and LoneStar Comics to name a few. And most of those online services give you a nice discount, so your recession beleaguered dollars will go further. And while you are at it, pick up Issue 2 as well- it's a fantastic book & a fun read...

And for all of you who don't celebrate Christmas- Here's an awesome Holiday card from Michael Cho! Happy Anti-Life!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Yes, We Sell Out --- Every Seat In The House"

Jason Newsted from Metallica said once when asked if the band was "Selling Out," that yes, they did in fact sell out... their tours sold out all across the country.
While Blacklist Studios is in no way in Metallica's league, we have also Sold Out... of Issue 1! As of today, if you want a copy of Robot 13: Colossus! Issue 1, you will need to check either your local comic shop or one of their online shops to get a copy. For an up-to-date listing of the shops that carry Robot 13, you can check our website here.
On a related note- Issue 2 is more than halfway to selling out itself, and may be gone before you know it...
Thank you to everyone who took a chance on Robot 13. Your support of our little book is appreciated beyond words.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making A List, Checking It Twice

When Daniel and I start working on a project, there are many things we think about. We try to make our books entertaining, we look for ways of making them sharper and better in some way and we think about what we as comic fans would love to see. We always hope that our efforts will be enjoyed, but it has been amazing to us how Robot 13 has taken on a life of it's own.

I got an email from MTV today, telling me that MTV's Splash Page highlighted Robot 13 in their Best of 2009 lists as being "The Best Under-The-Radar Series." You can read about it here- to me, just being listed in the same company as Chew & Planetary & Blackest Night is a huge honor....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"...Deep Will I DIg..."

Some less than familar quotations you might have missed:

From Artpatient: "As I write this, it’s a rainy, introspective day and that’s obviously coloring my impressions. It’s also a little difficult to speak about some specific things without spoiling things for you."

From Comic Book Resources: "Mythology is great because those stories were not really conceived as fiction. There were things that people believed in which drove those stories, and you can't minimize the importance of that. Sailors used to believe that there really were giant monsters out there attacking boats. People believed in creatures like the cyclops, and that those kinds of things existed. So the stories about heroes defeating those beasts had maybe as much meaning as us telling stories about how the Mets won in '86."

From Battle Grip: "The original novel Frankenstein was a big influence, and that led to incorporating some influence from the early movies. The main theme that resonates though all those stories is the question of what it means to be Human."

And if that's not enough, Listen to Daniel & I on GAABFest here!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Robot 13 Joins Indy Comic Book Week!

In 1939, something was pulled up from the ocean depths off the coast of Spain; what it was and where it originated from were a mystery to the fishermen who found it, but all the surviving members of that crew agree on one thing~ whatever it was, it saved their lives. Robot 13 tells the odyssey of the hero who awoke from the ocean floor that day as it looks for answers to who he really is...

Blacklist Studios wants to encourage retailers who are supporting Indy Comic Book Week to try Robot 13. Issues 1 & 2 of Robot 13: Colossus! are available for Indy Comic Book Week, and the comic sized, full color book has gotten great reviews all over:

Newsarama says: “This is, seriously, the best series I've read all year.”

Broken Frontier says: "I can sum up this series in two words: must buy."

Eat. Sleep Geek. says: "Simply put, you need Robot 13 in your hands, and the guy you buy your comics from needs it in his (or her) store. Trust me, neither of you will regret the decision."

Retailers who want to order Robot 13 can contact Tony Shenton at or they can order directly from Blacklist Studios at

"Say You Want A Revolution..."

Indy Comic Book Week is quickly approaching, and I wanted to take a moment and tell you something that most comic creators won't. If your comic shop is supporting Indy Comic Book Week- go buy something Independent that really grabs you. Sure, if Robot 13 is what you need to possess, then I am not going to make you put down the precious and walk away...

But for me, the most important thing you can do during Indy Comic Book Week is to buy something other than X-Men or Detective Comics or Spawn or whatever you normally gravitate toward, even if it's not my book.

The way for Indy comics to survive is for YOU to buy something different for a change. No, you don't have to bail on Blackest Night, but it wouldn't hurt for you to hunt down Skullboy Army as well. I totally appreciate that people love Robot 13, and I hope you all continue to read the mini series and KING! as well when it comes out... but Indy comics is a whole 'nother box of crayons, and there are a thousand colors to choose from. Try a few out, and you might just find a new lifelong friend. Or you might get a rock. Either way, by giving Indy comics a shot, you cast a vote with your money that speaks volumes to a comic shop owner.

Ever wonder why some shops seem to be Indy havens and others treat anything outside of the Diamond Previews hot list as being leprous Hobos? It's because customers at shop A will buy Indy books while customers from shop B cry out "Unclean! Unclean!" and look away in horror...

Yes, store owners need to take a chance on Indy books, but if nobody buys those books even the most Indy lovin' fanboy who owns his own store will stock only the Big Two plus maybe Image, Dark Horse and the rare flavor of the month from some mid-sized third party.

Indy comics is where the innovation comes from. It's where the risk is taken. It's where you find things that challange you and really make you think.

Yes, if you love comics, you can survive on a mainstream diet. You can also live your whole life without eating seasoned food. In both cases, the only way to understand what you are missing is to try some and see for yourself.

Go to for more information...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Gathering Steam

I have been sporadic lately when it comes to blogging- It's not that things aren't happening or that I don't have anything I'd like to talk about... In fact, there are a great many things which have happened and I'd love to chat about them all.

Problem is- almost nothing is at a stage where I can spill the beans.

Hope you understand. Nothing personal. I am hoping that something will break, and I will be able to share one of the developments with you soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture from my sister. She's just awesome.